Ten-time author, Dr. Greene, has shared his expertise and wisdom with competitive athletes, opera singers, instrumentalists, dancers, public speakers, Wall Street traders, business executives, creative artists, and police SWAT officers. His books have been translated into Japanese, Danish, and Chinese.

Performance Success.

Feeling anxious and stressed before an important performance can be a fact of life for musicians and entertainers, whether they are students or seasoned professionals. Many performers have struggled for years trying to manage their nerves, feeling they may never get over their “performance anxiety.” In Performance Success, Dr. Don Greene shares his revolutionary approach mastering performance energy. He has achieved extraordinary results for students and professionals alike in putting their adrenaline to work to power their best performances.

Fight Your Fear And Win.

Nearly everyone has experienced that make-it-or-break-it, career-defining moment: on the brink of landing a big deal, poised at the starting gate, under the spotlight waiting to speak or perform in front of our peers. At this point, where everything seems to be on the line, most people experience one overriding reaction: fear. Unfortunately, that fear can often cause defeat no matter how well-rehearsed, studied or prepared an individual might be. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Greene shares the proven techniques he has used with Olympic athletes, Grand Prix drivers, students of The Juilliard School, Colburn School, and New World Symphony to help them perform their best under pressure.

Audition Success.

Audition Success chronicles the story of two musicians – a horn player and a mezzo-soprano – as they learn how to prepare for important auditions (the Houston Symphony and the Chicago Lyric Opera, respectively). These performers employed the same techniques and proven strategies Dr. Greene has taught to Olympic and professional athletes and other performers to perform well under extreme pressure. Audition Success is based on the artists’ transcribed conversations with Dr. Greene during an intensive two-month training period. These tested methods may be used to gather deeper insights and perform at the highest level when it counts the most.

College Prep for Musicians.

College Prep for Musicians: A Comprehensive Guide for Students, Parents, Teachers, and Counselors is a one-of-a-kind book that forms a complete picture of the process of applying to music schools. The book introduces powerful strategies and tools for high school students to use during the audition process, gives insight into the admissions process, provides an organized and proven system for parents and students to approach this crucial phase, and introduces the many careers in music. No matter what degree within music in which you are interested, College Prep for Musicians will help young musicians achieve their dreams.

Authors: Annie Bosler, DMA; Don Greene, PhD; and Kathleen Tesar, EdD



Do you know what keeps you from doing your best? There’s no need to guess when it comes to something so important. Before you are able to work on improving your skills, you need to determine what your relative strengths and weaknesses are. That’s where the right Assessment comes in, similar to taking an X-ray, CT Scan, or MRI before taking corrective health measures.

Which Assessment you take depends on your specialty and goals. There are different online Assessments for performing artists, students, and executives. Each Assessment takes less than 10-15 minutes to complete. They all use a series of questions scientifically designed by Dr. Greene to measure the mental skill sets involved in achieving excellence in the performing arts and business.

Immediately after completing the appropriate Assessment, you will receive your personal performance profile. The unique profile will graphically portray your individual strengths and areas for improvement and the next steps you can take to perform better in your specialty.

Ready to take your Assessment? Let’s go.

Assessments for Performing Artists.


Sharpening Performance Skills for Musicians.

Sharpening Performance Skills for Musicians is one of Dr. Greene’s original and proven programs for identifying what a musician does well from a mental point of view and where they need improvement. It measures optimal performance skills including: practice habits, energy regulation, self-talk, achieving mental quiet, risking failure, and more. This Assessment is sold together with a self-study workbook, and together, these tools allow the user to work at their own pace to identify – and improve upon – their most challenge areas.
Ideal for
  • Musicians (singers and instrumentalists)
  • Individuals who are looking to enhance their on-stage performance skills
  • Artists who prefer to work on their own at a self-guided pace

Performance Mastery.

This brand new Assessment was created using cutting-edge research and is designed for all performing artists (musicians, actors, dancers, and public speakers). Performance Mastery measures peak performance abilities including: ability to relax, confidence, confronting fear, focusing past distractions, mental toughness, and more. This Assessment is packaged with a 30-minute, one-one-one phone or Skype consultation with Dr. Greene.
Ideal for
  • All performing artists
  • Individuals who are interested in one-on-one sessions with Dr. Greene to perform at their peak
  • Performers preparing for auditions or important events

Assessments to Accompany Dr. Greene’s Books.

Please make sure you have purchased the book specific to the Assessment. 


Performance Success.


This Assessment, designed specifically for instrumentalists and musicians, is meant to accompany Dr. Greene’s popular book “Performance Success,” and offers an introduction into his revolutionary ideas about peak performance. This Assessment measures performance factors including: mental outlook, intrinsic motivation, performance under pressure, controlling attention, and ease under pressure. This powerful combination of tools readies the user for a highly productive relationship working with Dr. Greene on an individual basis, and offers valuable skills artists can take to auditions or the stage.

Ideal for
  • Musicians
  • Individuals who want to perform at their peak when it matters the most
  • Artists who are interested in understanding Dr. Greene’s winning concepts

Fight Your Fear and Win.


Designed to accompany Dr. Greene’s most successful book, “Fight Your Fear and Win,” this Assessment will address the needs of performing artists, athletes, and executives. It measures critical performance factors such as decision-making ability, multi-tasking, presentational skills, will to succeed, and ability to fight. Using information from this Assessment, individuals can pinpoint areas needing the most improvement and follow the 21-day plan contained in the book to achieve maximum results. These tools allow the user to work at their own pace.

Ideal for
  • Performing artists, athletes and executives
  • Individuals who want to perform their best whether it be on stage, on the athletic field or in the workplace
  • People who prefer to work on their own at a self-guided pace

For High School Students.


College Prep for Musicians.


This one-of-a-kind assessment is specifically intended for high school students planning to pursue music in college. It measures music school application skills, time management, musical aptitude, handling stress, test-taking abilities, and more. This Assessment, taken by the student, should be paired with the book College Prep for Musicians by authors Annie Bosler DMA, Don Greene PhD, and Kathleen Tesar EdD.

Ideal for
  • High school students interested in getting into the music school of their dreams
  • Parents, teachers and counselors looking to better understand their students’ individual needs
  • Helping to identify areas needing improvement to make themselves a highly desirable candidate

Exam Skills.

This revolutionary Assessment  is specifically designed for high school students interested in upgrading their mental approach to exams. This Assessment measures critical abilities including: motivation, nervousness, controlling test-energy, poise, and duration of focus. Exam Skills is packaged with a 30-minute, one-one-one phone or Skype consultation with Dr. Greene.
Ideal for
  • High school students who underperform on standardized tests and important exams
  • Students who are interested in one-on-one sessions with Dr. Greene to prepare for tests like they are an Olympic event
  • Individuals ready to dramatically raise their scores without additional studying

Online Courses.


Our online courses, give you the ability to progress at your own pace, and may be supplemented with 1-on-1 sessions with Dr. Greene. 

Power Learning Course

Power Learning: The Ultimate Guide to Better Practice Habits was designed by Dr. Don Greene specifically for musicians, singers, dancers, actors, and public speakers who want to become the best version of their performance selves and to learn the art and science of correct practice. This course teaches performers how to approach power learning, form better practice habits, use the 5 learning modes effectively, learn performance skills, and create optimal learning.

If you have ever wondered…

What can I do to feel more motivated so I can get in as much practice as I need?

How could I be more efficient and productive during  my limited practice time?

How can I eliminate distractions and focus better when I’m practicing?

Then this is the course for you!

There are many courses on the market right now that address the physical specifics of how to practice more effectively, but this is the first course to also address the science and psychology behind your own motivation, drive, and the level of absorption it takes to really improve. For the first time in Dr. Greene’s career, he has concentrated all of this information in one place within a course that can be self-guided. This material has helped thousands of performing artists win auditions and improve. The four-month-long course contains a brand new Power Learning Assessment, Power Learning Profile, workbook, and videos that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home or studio. The Power Learning Course has never been offered before at any conservatory, performing arts school, or dance program. Be among the first to learn this ground breaking information.

Performance Mastery Course

The Performance Mastery Course is designed for musicians, singers, dancers, actors, and public speakers who want to perform their best when it really counts. This course teaches performers how to channel nervous energy, build confidence, strengthen courage, intensify focus, and develop resilience.

If you have ever wondered…

What is holding me back from performing my best under pressure?

Then this is the course for you!

The Performance Mastery Course is similar to the cutting-edge information that I taught at The Juilliard School, New World Symphony, Colburn School, and to my professional clients, but now updated and expanded. With it, I have trained thousands of performing artists to win jobs and have great performances. You can now access this information from the comfort of your home or studio. The course is four months long, with a brand new Performance Mastery Assessment and Profile, and the accompanying workbook, videos, and audio programs.

Centering Training

The core strategy taught by Dr. Greene is known as Centering. The Centering process has proven effective in helping performing artists to focus and channel their nervous energy into winning auditions and peak performances. Centering is a powerful focusing strategy, based on the Japanese martial art of Aikido and western sports psychology. Centering helps performing artists control their breathing, reduce muscles tension, switch from left brain to right, quiet their minds, and direct their performance energy under pressure to achieve peak performance.

The Center Course includes beginning, intermediate, and advanced Centering Down, Centering Up, and Simulation Training. A workbook is included to track your progress with written instructions and practice recommendations.