Individual Session FAQ.

How many sessions will I need?
Each person is different. Dr. Greene can usually determine the number of sessions after you take the appropriate Assessment and validate the profile. The average number of sessions per client generally falls between 3-12 sessions.
How will I meet with Dr. Greene?
Dr. Greene is available through Skype, phone call, or in-person. Dr. Greene is based in Los Angeles, California.
Who are Dr. Greene’s clients?
Dr. Greene has worked with a wide variety of clients including: instrumentalists, singers, conductors, dancers, actors, comedians, public speakers, visual artists athletes, teachers, coaches, stock traders, students, test-takers, composers and writers.
How often will I meet with Dr. Greene?
Sessions are based on your availability. However, Dr. Greene normally holds sessions with clients once per week or a minimum of once every two weeks.
What if I have an audition coming up?
The ideal time to prep for an audition with Dr. Greene is two to three months out from an audition. If you are closer than that to your audition, please contact Dr. Greene immediately, so he can work with you on a shortened schedule. A follow-up post-audition session is recommended.
What is expected of me when working with Dr. Greene?
In addition to each private session, Dr. Greene will assign reading, listening to audio programs, watching videos, and completing exercises specifically tailored to the needs of the individual client.
With what age and level of client does Dr. Greene work?
Dr. Greene works with both amateurs and professionals alike. The minimum age is 13 years old. Dr. Greene has worked with clients in their 80’s.
What is the process to start sessions with Dr. Greene?
You can contact Dr. Greene via phone, email or through the website contact form. A 10-minute complimentary phone will be scheduled to determine your next steps. A link to purchase an Assessment and individual sessions will then be emailed to you, after which the private sessions and individual work will begin.
What if I am in a different state or country?
Dr. Greene works with clients from all around the world via phone or Skype. The only consideration is factoring in the differences in time zones.